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Design Any of Your Innovation Vehicle

Managing innovation in a large ecosystem needs full customization and flexibility. Design different innovation programs that fit and nurture a culture of innovation at your company and ecosystem.

Collect and Manage Ideas

Create a landing page, application forms,and evaluation pipeline and forms with your brand identity in minutes. Engage withyour innovators, startups, and employees and collect applications. Evaluate with your team and community to select the best!

Engage & Accelerate

Time to bring winning ideas to the market and grow them! Assign tasks, match with mentors or members of your community, and automate meeting scheduling. Create events, chat with founders, mass e-mail your startups. In short, manage every step from from a single point.


Track the performance of your innovation vehicles to iterate continuously. Our reporting functions help you optimize the performance of your innovation programs. Set KPIs with our built-in-analytics and analyze your impacts across programs and years.

Where you can

Seamlessly Adapts to Any Process or Need
Complete flexibility in designing any innovation program workflow, team, and community.

Creating a successful innovation ecosystem needs mixing different vehicles of your innovation toolbox. Customize the processes of your different innovation programs end-to-end to fit your innovation culture.

Seperate workspaces for every program Work with different management teams & community Your corporate brand Custom sub-domain Role and permission management
Idea Management
Single deal flow pipeline for all your open innovation programs.

Every innovation program has its own design. Tailor your evaluation processes, submission forms, and landing pages according to your needs. Collect applications of all your programs and evaluate them in collaboration with your team and community.

Customizable evaluation funnel Advanced form-builder External & team diligence Export pdf & xls Scoring & rating See draft applications
Program Management
Manage all your support actions such as mentoring sessions,tasks, coaching meetings, files, trainings, events in one place.

Innovation won’t happen overnight. Engage and accelerate your innovators and startups; manage and keep all acceleration actions in one place. Create the next ground-breaking solution for your company together with your community.

Assign tasks and track progress Mentor matchmaking Automate session scheduling Meeting notes Startup one-pager 1:1 chat and mass e-mailing
Performance Management & Reporting
Understand the performance of your innovation programs, and ensure they create a real impact & value.

Innovation takes time. Track the performance of your innovation programs and iterate continuously to create the right setup for your ecosystem.

Startup KPIs Program performance metrics Mentoring & coaching logs Data export Interactive reporting dashboard