Program Management

Design the whole process with one complete toolkit from ideation to intrapreneurship.

Corporate Innovation

  • Achieve your strategic business goals with unlimited customizable innovation programs
  • Drive an international innovation culture.
  • Unleash your innovation potential and transform ideas into results.


  • Fully design your application funnel, manage and categorize all submissions.
  • Work with your community and startup teams.
  • Use market and technology data analytics for due diligence.

Investors Dealflow

  • Design and manage whole deal flow process, monitor market shifts and industry trends.
  • Gather submissions and design your review process.
  • Work with startups and get support from community.

Technology Transfer

  • Create invention disclosure and evaluation forms. Design all processes.
  • Build community and work with your stakeholders.
  • Integrate portfolio management to keep all in one place.
Build your forms

It is easy to define your submission forms to contain any field, including free text, edit text, multiple/single selection, file upload, go-to section options, and more.

Design your evaluation approach

You can get a head start with innovative evaluation templates or you can create your intelligent scoring system from scratch. You can even add your formulas for recommended scores or add comments/suggestions/tasks to any option.

Customize your review workflow

You can fully design your application funnel, manage and categorize all submissions.

Build your community

You can invite entrepreneurs, researchers, employees, mentors, juries, industry partners, service providers, and other key experts to your community. You can manage your communication via personal and group channels and work together with comprehensive role definition and permission control.

Simply assign juries, mentors, and experts

Allow all team and community members to easily track the submissions in their evaluation pipeline.

Match parties and manage all scheduling

Use event management functionality to easily schedule meetings, get registrations and track progress. Manage all mentoring/coaching process in one place.

Collaborate with teams and track progress

Gathering submissions and managing the funnel is only the beginning. Keep working with teams via built-in project/task management tools, monitor their outcomes, publish their profiles via our marketplace.