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Harness Emerging Innovations

Stay at the innovation forefront by identifying emerging trends and technologies. TECHIN2B empowers your organization to uncover and leverage groundbreaking advancements, ensuring you're always ahead in the competitive landscape.

Forge Strategic Alliances

Identify and connect with potential startups and technology partners. Use TECHIN2B to streamline your search for compatible collaborations that can accelerate your growth and innovation capabilities.

Optimize Your IP Strategy

Gain insights into your IP portfolio to align with corporate objectives. TECHIN2B's analytics enable you to make informed decisions, ensuring your intellectual property is both protected and strategically leveraged.

Navigate Market Dynamics

Utilize TECHIN2B to understand market shifts and identify niches. This enables your organization to position products effectively or explore expansion into new markets with confidence, backed by data-driven insights.

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Empower Your Innovation Journey
Leverage Global Data for Strategic Insights

TECHIN2B's Innovation Radar transforms global patent data, market insights, and startup trends into actionable intelligence. By analyzing comprehensive data sources, we empower your R&D strategies with accurate, strategic insights, enabling tailored innovation pathways for your team.

Patent data analysis Market trends and technology forecasts Startup Insights Global Data Analysis Customized Reports Secure Team Workspaces
Unlock Your Innovation Potential
Access Comprehensive Market and Landscape Reports

Unlock a treasure trove of information with our detailed reports, covering various technology sectors. From patent data to market trends, mergers, acquisitions, and major deals, we provide you with the insights needed to stay ahead.

Customizable market and landscape reports Sector-specific insights Startup Signals Trend Tracking Competitive Landscape Analysis
Custom Reports Just for Your Team
Strategic Intelligence, Personalized for You

With TECHIN2B's Innovation Radar, receive custom reports that resonate with your unique innovation landscape. Our platform offers the unique ability to create custom reports tailored to your team's specific requirements, ensuring that sensitive insights remain confidential and exclusive to your organization. Harness the advantage of strategic information that's crafted just for you, empowering your decision-making with data that sets you apart.

Personalized Content Private Reports Collaborative Tools Continuous Updates Expert Analysis Innovation Scouting
Dynamic Insight Analysis
Interactive, Real-Time Insights

At the heart of TECHIN2B's Innovation Radar is our Insight Analysis, a dynamic tool that offers an unparalleled overview of the innovation landscape. Elevate your strategic insights with TECHIN2B's Insight Analysis, offering an interactive exploration tool that spans 9 critical categories. Our platform uniquely integrates data from both startup and patent databases, enriching your analysis with diverse insights.

Startup & Patent Insights Investment Analysis Interactive Tools Technology Heatmaps
Enhanced Team Collaboration
Secure Workspaces for Strategic Teamwork

TECHIN2B elevates team collaboration by providing a secure, shared environment where insights can be exchanged freely and strategies can be aligned seamlessly. Our platform promotes effective teamwork, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location, is on the same page, driving your innovation strategy forward together. Share insights, track the competitive landscape, and strategize with confidence.

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