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Self-Driving Vehicles : Delivery on demand and automated parking

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According to the Self-Driving Vehicles Study report by EPO, advanced driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control, hill-start assist, park assist and lane-keeping assist, are already on the market.

Automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and other tech companies are all currently engaged in pilot tests, including tests on public roads over considerable distances.

These developments will have a major impact on our transport system, including road use and traffic management. Connected automation could significantly increase safety and efficiency.

A fully automated parking system can park and retrieve a car from the parking garage automatically.  

Autonomous delivery vehicles provide service to customers at their doorstep without any intervention from humans in the entire process.

They are expected to reduce the need for conventional parking spaces, promote shared mobility and decrease congestion, energy consumption and vehicle emissions.

In this report, we have analyzed;

  • Delivery on demand
  • Automated parking

The Innovation Rate graph shows the annual patenting trend in the technology field.

This chart uses geographic coverage of simple family members.

The graph shows the technology areas by their IPC codes on the left X-axis. Y-axis corresponds to the period of search. This visualization shows the yearly patenting trends in the subject technology field by year. In an emerging technology area, the number of activity will grow over the years. Conversely, a declining technology area will show less patenting activity over the years.

This figure shows the leading ten organizations in the subject technology field. Organization with the largest portfolio is on the top.

Yearly application trend of top assignees show the change in patenting activity.
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