The best way to analyze your market and to monitor your competitors


Aykut Gulalanlar, CLP, PMP

The best way to analyze your market and to monitor your competitors

In every product life cycle, whether it is a software or a physical product, an organizational function is essential. Product management is one of the key roles at companies that guide from development to positioning and pricing. To build the best possible product, product managers act as a communication hub and organize and enable engineering teams, designers, and marketing teams. 

This task includes understanding and representing user needs, defining a vision for a product, prioritizing product features and capabilities, monitoring the market, and developing competitive analyses. Tracking competitors enables keeping your organization up-to-date and helps you inspire teams to create better solutions. 

How to keep track of your competitors?

There will be direct and indirect competitors who have a similar product that you are proposing in a competitive market. As a product manager or entrepreneur, it is crucial to make decisions and analysis from the data you collected about your competitors. 

For sure, using Google search, tracking newsletter, following social media, webinars, and static industry reports provide insights. Regardless of how much time and energy you spend monitoring and analyzing the market, your competitors continue to innovate, so it is not easy to keep your list updated and your findings accessible.

TECHIN2B offers one-stop-shop solutions to identify gaps in the market, discover new products and services, and uncover market trends.  

You can track industry trends via interactive reports that connect patent, startup, industry, and market data with expert analysis for better R&D and business decisions. 

Insight Analysis: An overview of the global landscape, enabling you to get insights from the landscape with an interactive analysis tool. Our insight analysis focuses on 9 main categories. All values are linked to our patent database to ensure you get the most from the report. 

  • Organization Statistics
  • Investment Analysis
  • Innovation Profile
  • Geographic Territory Map
  • Key Technologies
  • Assignee Analysis
  • Inventor Analysis
  • Important Patents
  • News and signals
  • List of assignees - Company profiles
  • Real-time analysis according to your interest

Organize your saved searches, notes, companies, and technologies in your workspaces and work with your team.

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