How Intellectual Property/Research Department can save time and money leveraging


Aykut Gulalanlar, CLP, PMP

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How Intellectual Property/Research Department can save time and money leveraging

The challenge

Portfolio managers need to manage their portfolios very effectively and keep their portfolios match with up-to-date corporate strategies.

In recent years, portfolio managers used spreadsheets, email, and notepads to manage their intellectual property assets and see their portfolios as a list of items. 

And it worked fine for a while, but over time, the industry underwent a mindset transformation opting for portfolio managers to use their intellectual property assets as business assets. With this shift, corporate administration's expectations started to change, wanting more solid strategies to extract more from their IP portfolio. And it was becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with these expectations, and it became necessary to adopt an all-in-one portfolio management solution to meet those demands better.

There are different levels of value to be obtained from an IP like a gold mine. As you go deep and reach new reserves, you’ll gain more. It’s completely the same in IP management. The value depends on how you manage your IP in your company, and this shows your position in the value hierarchy pyramid.

There are different sets of value that a company can generate from its IP Portfolio. Companies' primary goals are to set their business value according to defensive, revenue generation, cost avoidance, and strategic/tactical positioning approaches.

To generate value from your IP, portfolio managers need to know what they have and how their portfolio can contribute to their business.

We know the challenges you are facing with 

  • Portfolio & Innovation Management is a complex business
    • How do you track your maintenance and update your protection strategies?

    • How do you gather your submissions from different sources?
    • How do you integrate internal needs with external opportunities?

    • How do you scout new trends, key players, insights? 
  • Cost & Efficiency                    

    • How much effort and money you put to access all different tools, data sources, and business intelligence?

    • Are you looking for a platform that is less expensive than the bigger players but with all the capabilities you need?

  • Data-driven strategy

    • When was the last report you’ve analyzed, do you think it is still valid?

    • Do your human resources cover all the expertise you need to analyze all different sources?

    • Does your team know your main competitors and their activities?

  • Simplification & Collaboration

    • How your team can collaborate with other units and inform stakeholders?

    • How do you keep your organization up to date about your innovation strategy?


The solution

One Platform, Multiple Workspaces

Configure a system that tackles one platform with multiple workspaces. The system allows you to design your own structure. Workspace structure allows you to separate or unify your departments and teams whenever required.

Create custom workflows that fit best to you.

Our form and evaluation templates allow portfolio managers to start working much quicker than before while also adding external parties with ease. This will improve your communication and coordination with all stakeholders, internally and externally.

Boost your portfolio

Access all collaboration features, reports, and data from one location and improve overall operational efficiency by automating manual processes.


Collect Ideas or Invention Disclosures, Organize challenges, innovation programs - All at the same time

Extensive Submission Form Customization

It is easy to define your submission forms to contain any kind of field, including free text, edit text, multiple/single selection, file upload, go-to section options, and more. 

Get a head start with smart evaluation templates.

Get started fast with validated evaluation templates with different question sets  - or create your own. You can use our intelligent templates or build your own evaluation cards that fit best for any stage of your workflow. You can even add your formulas for recommended scores or add comments/suggestions/tasks to any relevant option.

Built-in Project/Task Management

TECHIN2B offers project management tools where you can manage your efforts at every level. The system allows you to create projects in the Workspace, asset, idea, event, program, startup level. What does that mean? It helps you to keep every effort in one most relevant place. For example, if you are working on a new product development process, there will be several projects with different stakeholders, and each project will have different outcomes. While you are managing your projects, you can link all these efforts and bundle their background and foreground IP portfolio. You can even continue and start sharing your business offers via our marketplace.

Keep track of all tasks.

Tag your team, set alarms, and notify your team with your status updates. Each project management feature can be used at the asset level, too, enabling you to create your own way to keep maintenance of your portfolio, track your licensing agreement, or notify your team of any critical event.

Define data-driven strategies - Innovation Radar

Technology trends analytics platform, connecting patent, startup, industry, and market data with expert analysis for better R&D and business decisions. 

Follow technology trends and key players in your industry via fully customizable interactive analytics to boost your innovation efforts. This will help you identify new ways to enhance or revolutionize your offerings and also provide an insight to evaluate your assets in an efficient and reliable way.


Share the success with your community.

Keep your community and stakeholders up-to-date information, program rewards, corporate news, investments, and more.

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