Autonomous Cars: Standart Essential Patents For 5G Network


Aykut Gulalanlar, CLP, PMP

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Autonomous Cars: Standart Essential Patents For 5G Network

An essential patent or standard-essential patent (SEP) is a patent that claims an invention that must be used to comply with a technical standard. 

In this report, we have examined the Standart Essential Patents (SEPs) in 5G Network technologies by focusing on self-driving cars. This report includes over 70 individual analyses for key players in the field and an overview of the global landscape.

INTEL, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, and HUAWEI as some of the most patent-intensive companies in this area.

This figure shows the leading ten organizations in the subject technology field. The organization with the largest portfolio is on the top.



This chart uses geographic coverage of simple family members.



The Innovation Rate graph shows the annual patenting trend in the technology field.


The graph shows the technology areas by their IPC codes on the left X-axis. Y-axis corresponds to the period of search. This visualization shows the yearly patenting trends in the subject technology field by year. In an emerging technology area, the number of activities will grow over the years. Conversely, a declining technology area will show less patenting activity over the years.



Analyze the technology focus of the selected organizations. Visual shows the presence of the organizations in different technology fields. It helps you to understand where organizations invest to build their portfolio.


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