The best way to manage business incubation


Aykut Gulalanlar, CLP, PMP

The best way to manage business incubation

What is business incubation?

Business incubators offer specialized programs to entrepreneurs and startups to validate their business and run their business smoothly.

They usually provide physical space, mentorship, training, networking facilities, support services, and access to investors for startups.

All incubators are looking for great ideas and startups that can scale over a few years.

Incubators carefully evaluate teams and their potential businesses because their resources are limited. Thus, their direct approach is prioritizing the applications via a solid review process and

identifying the best options with the best possible chance for success.

Management of Business Incubation

The model of business incubators is changing. Although traditional business incubators still provide physical facilities for startups, the support services become more and more online as virtual incubators.

TECHIN2B offers a new method and toolset to enhance incubator services and help the incubator team to manage every process from one location.

What is the business incubation process?

Each business incubator has unique programs and selection processes. Many incubators target specific industries and accordingly offer targeted resources and expertise.

There are different types of business incubators present, such as the Corporate, Sector focused Incubators, virtual incubators, and so much more. 

TECHIN2B can help all by providing;

  • complete control of data for matching and analyzing
  • different communication channels to keep the interaction
  • expert, technology, startup pools 
  • customizable templates for submissions, evaluations, and more.
  • team collaboration
  • workspaces where you can run different types of programs simultaneously
  • event management of all kinds.

Business incubation steps


Entrepreneurs need to be ready to fill application forms with different question sets and meet the criteria set by the incubator.

  • Create different forms for specific programs

It is easy to define your submission forms to contain any field, including free text, edit text, multiple/single selection, file upload, go-to section options, and automatic scoring to selected questions.


  • Create custom workflows that fit best to you.

Our form and evaluation templates allow program managers to start working much quicker than before while also adding external parties with ease. This approach will improve your communication and coordination with all stakeholders, internally and externally.

  • Get a head start with innovative evaluation templates.

Get started fast with validated evaluation templates with different question sets - or create your own. You can use our intelligent templates or build your evaluation cards that fit best for any stage of your workflow. You can even add your formulas for recommended scores or add comments/suggestions/tasks to any option.

  • Customize your review workflow

You can fully design your application funnel, manage and categorize all submissions.


           Let entrepreneurs monitor their application status.


  • One Platform, Multiple Workspaces, and unlimited events

Configure a system that tackles one platform with multiple workspaces. The system allows you to design your structure. Workspace structure enables you to organize events for training, b2b events, mentoring sessions, and multiple programs simultaneously.

  • Mentoring
    • Assign juries, mentors, and experts

Allow all team and community members to track the submissions in their evaluation pipeline easily.

  • Match parties and manage all scheduling

Use event management functionality to schedule meetings easily, get registrations and track progress. Manage all mentoring/coaching processes in one place.

  • Collaborate with teams and track progress

Gathering submissions and managing the funnel is only the beginning. Keep working with teams via built-in project management & task management tools, monitor their outcomes, publish their profiles via our marketplace.