How to evaluate new technology?


Aykut Gulalanlar, CLP, PMP

How to evaluate new technology?

We hear researchers and entrepreneurs pitching their excellent ideas. But, do they have a perfect idea? Of course not. All great ideas have particular strengths, but it also has specific disadvantages. According to our experience, the ones who identify their strengths and their weaknesses have more chances to push their technologies forward.

What is technology evaluation?

Technology evaluation is a methodology for effectively assessing the commercialization potential of technology.

It is a significant methodology used in innovation and technology transfer to screen new ideas, prioritize inventions, and assess innovative products, technologies, and startups. 

Thus, technology evaluation tools try to help you understand the business and market side while assessing your technology.

Structured Approach for Evaluation

Evaluation is an integral part of the innovation value chain. The evaluation process helps people to ask the right set of questions upfront and answer them objectively. It is complex work where you need to do lots of research, access to patent, market, startup, investment data, and validate your findings via experts. 

A quick TECHIN2B history 

It is all started in 2012 when we have designed our very first version of Technology Evaluation Canvas. Our main aim was to find the best way to understand if the technology is commercially viable or not while seeking an efficient way to communicate with our inventors and entrepreneurs. Then, it turns into a primary tool that we have experienced with hundreds of technologies and startups.

In 2016, we had decided to turn this canvas into a digital platform. We started with a basic version where we can make our scoring with our colleagues and use comparisons to analyze different perspectives of colleagues/experts. 


In 2020, we connected our approach with the patent, market, startup data via interactive reports in different technology fields to help evaluators, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors. In addition, accessing the data from one location helps us understand the technology landscape and market dynamics and identify potential industry partners, universities, startups, licensees, and other relevant stakeholders.


We believe that this will help you identify new ways to enhance or revolutionize your offerings and provide insight to evaluate your assets efficiently and reliably. 

What is TECHIN2B ScoreCard?

Our intelligent technology evaluation templates enable you to design your evaluation process using user activity-based advice and task recommendations. The system helps you normalize your scoring while shortening the teams learning cycle. In addition, our customizable templates will accelerate the integration, optimize your workload and assist you in different use cases, from invention/startup evaluations to innovation program management.


TECHIN2B allows you to

· Analyze

· Visualize 

· Document the strengths and weaknesses

· Assign Tasks

· Work with team

· Monitor progress

· Access to patent, market, startup data via interactive reports

Asking the right questions is vital and accessing the data from one single location is priceless.

Now, we are Smarter.

Get started fast with validated technology evaluation templates with different question sets - or create your own. You can use our intelligent templates or build your evaluation cards that fit best for any stage of your workflow. You can even add your formulas for recommended scores or add comments/suggestions/tasks to any appropriate option.

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