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    I-Radar is a strategic technology trends analysis report. Combining patent mapping data with statistical and market information, IP Radar is a powerful business decision support tool for shaping innovation and R&D strategies.

    TECHIN2B’s Innovation Radar membership allows you to access over 100 detailed landscape and market reports annually.

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Big data can be overwhelming when it comes to make important decisions to structure your long-term R&D and innovation strategies, ascertaining the relevance of your IP portfolio, your inhouse innovative abilities and pinpoint collaboration opportunities.

TECHIN2B’s Innovation Radar membership allows you to access several detailed landscape and market reports generated for you from global patent data and market information.

You have the opportunity to browse ever growing library of reports that have been compiled on specific technology sectors.

You have access to each report’s dynamic insight analysis that allows you to customize and generate your own report and conduct personalized search.

If you have a TECHIN2B membership, you can combine Innovation Radar and insight analysis with TECHIN2B’s scouting, collaboration modules to track opportunities as well as competition or publish and promote your own portfolio.

Available Reports

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What's in it?

IP Radar reports help business decision making process by providing information on:

Over 100 up-to-date reports will be available annually.

These sector specific reports are compiled using:

  • Patent data
  • Market information
  • Merger & Acquisitions information
  • Major licensing and technology transfer deals
  • Litigation and enforcement actions

Providing reader with crucial, easy to read information and graphics on:

  • Technology trends
  • Full text of relevant patents
  • Most important patents
  • Important players in the field and their patent portfolios
  • University portfolios in the technology field
  • Challengers and start-ups to watch
  • Average patent values and licensing data

Analysis Approaches

What does Interactive Reports mean?

How patent database works?

Get some insights about how startup scouting works.

Patent maps provides valuable information on the technology landscape in a visual representation. Peaks indicate densely populated areas of patent development, while low-lying areas represent untapped areas for potential growth and expansion into new territories.

We take an in depth look at your technologies through our paid tools (both patent and market databases) to understand their commercialization potential.

The Innovation Rate graph shows the annual patenting trend in the technology field.

The graph shows the yearly patenting trend of published patents by technology area. This is helpful for understanding how the direction of technology and investments in various applications in technology field has changed over time.

It's critical to identify new entrants for licensing and acqusition opportunities. It's also an early warning for new competition. New Companies graph looks at companies that have only filed patent applications over the past 5 years in the technology field. Companies are ranked based on highest number of patents.

We perform deep analysis to understand who are the new companies and their cooperation with other companies.

Our reports include information about invenstements, acqusitions and mergers. Thus, you'll get up-to-date information from not only patent databases but also from the market.

We help companies to monitor most agressive plaintiffs to secure their freedom to operate in the market. Our reports includes in-depth analysis for each identified plaintiff and their portfolio.

We monitor key player in the field and analysis how their portfolio with new acquisitions, investements and colloborations.

IP Radar membership provides an annual subscription to all reports.

  • Annual Membership
  • Access to up-to-date IP Radar Reports
  • Market Data
  • Expert Opinion
  • Company Reports
  • University Reports
  • Recent News
    • Investments
    • Litigation cases
    • M&A
    • 12 Training&Talk series in different technology verticals annually: Access to all presentations

Available Reports

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