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Portfolio Management

  1. Portfolio Management

    A new method and set of tools gives you all the visibility and control you need to easily manage and track your portfolio within team.

    It's minimally designed for you to evaluate technology and startups, validate business value with market, technical and business validators by implementing TECHIN2B methodology with Tech Evaluation Canvas(TEC) and identify commercialization potential!

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Program Management

  1. Program Management

    Program Management Module is specifically designed to manage innovation and collaboration calls such as hackathons, business model competitions, technology challenges, demo-days.

    The module allows organizers to manage the whole process end-to-end on a self-contained single platform from gathering submissions, to assigning mentors and judges, evaluating, ranking and collaborating with teams.

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Innovation Radar

  1. Innovation Radar

    I-Radar is a strategic technology trends analysis report. Combining patent mapping data with statistical and market information, IP Radar is a powerful business decision support tool for shaping innovation and R&D strategies.

    TECHIN2B’s Innovation Radar membership allows you to access over 100 detailed landscape and market reports annually.

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