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    Technology Hub for accelarating validation, simplifying portfolio management and facilitating network engagement.

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  • Portfolio Management

    A new method and set of tools gives you all the visibility and control you need to easily manage and track your portfolio within team.

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    Validation Approach

    It's minimally designed for you to validate business value with market, technical and business validators by implementing TECHIN2B methodology with Tech Evaluation Canvas(TEC) and identify commercialization potential!

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  • Engagement

    TECHIN2B, let you manage your events for engaging audience through tech portfolio and expertise before/after event and monitoring all content. Also, Training and Talk series provides you onsite networking environment for validation.

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How it Works

  1. Create Your Tech Profile
  2. Manage Your Portfolio

  3. Discover Your Validators
  4. Validate Your Techs
  5. Collaborate and Track Progress
  6. Flexible Access and Export



One Stop Shop System

All included system base on a new tech validation methodology. Let the system accelarate your dissemination and help you access key validators.

Manage your Portfolio

Stay up to date on the techs that are most important to your team. See what’s going on across your entire team. Log your interviews and progress.

Collaborate with colleagues

Shared space for teams to collaborate, communicate, and share information securely. Stay up to date on team activity.

Who's seen your Profile

Know when someone's interested in you. See who's viewed you, your portfolio and what are their expertise and sector.

Track real-time progress

Monitor, analyze and refine your portfolio. Instantly access a detailed report of your team and portfolio.

Event Manager

Setup your events for onsite validation opportunities. Let attendees interact efficiently by checking their expertise and portfolio.

Ready to join us?

Be a Premium Professional

Act like Representer or Promoter of your TECH Owner.

Add Tech, create a business value with your experience and log your progress.

Validate Your Technology

Let you make self evaluation to your technology and rank them in your portfolio.

Ask experts to evaluate your technology, share and compare.

Internal Management Tool

Collaborate with your colleagues, log your interviews, rank and compare your techs.

Disseminate selected techs via platform.